The Mrs Margaret Mysteries

Under the Rose Rhodes pen name, Christina Dennison writes the Mrs Margaret series of cozy mysteries.  Read the first in the series, The Swizzle Stick Stalker, today!


About The Swizzle Stick Stalker

The cocktails aren't the only thing shaken when Mrs Margaret and her adult daughter Cynthia go to Bermuda to celebrate her 65th birthday. They've barely had a chance to unpack their swimsuits when they discover a stalker has invaded their island paradise--and their hotel room. In between daiquiris and rum swizzles, Mrs Margaret deploys the skills she's gleaned from detective novels with help from Cynthia. But is her indefatigable mind a match for a madman intent on ruining her holiday?

In the News!

Leading Bermuda news site,, featured The Swizzle Stick Stalker as a new novel about the island!